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Embest IDE for ARM is a complete solution for embedded arm development
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ShenZhen Embest Info&Tech Co., Ltd.

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Embest IDE for ARM is a complete solution for embedded arm development. This software kits provide a modern 32-bit Windows-based C Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that hosts the entire development process in one location (avaiable for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP).
It has a simple and versatile graphical user interface and comprehensive tools for creating applications for the arm architecture. User can complete all your development tools with Embest IDE for ARM including managing and building projects, establishing and managing host-target communication, running and debugging applications.
Main features:
- An integrated development environment
- Project management facility
- Integrated source-code editor
- GNU compilers, assembler and linker
- GNU ansi C library
- Also supports ARM build tools
- Source-level debugger
- ARM instruction set simulator
- tools for elf to bin/disassemble/Flash programmer/split bin.
- Source code examples for Atmel/Samsung/Cirrus logic/OKI /... arm-core processors
- Online document

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